A long and rich history!

The Cinderella goes back to 1925 when the Cinderella Ballroom was a hot social spot at 2215 S. Oneida St, Menasha.

Charlie Maloney Sr's dance hall was that hot spot for 56 years.
It hosted big bands, rock bands and names like Guy Lombardo, Cab Calloway, Duke Ellington, Lawrence Welk, the Everly Brothers and Johnny Cash.

The ballroom closed is 1981 following Maloney's death and it was torn down around 1985.

Meanwhile: 1949 Joseph R. McGlin Jr. & Hazel R. McGlin bought the old White House bar on Valley Rd. which at that time was Hwy. P off Hwy. 47 and changed the name to "McGlin's."
1959 Joe built "McGlin’s Bar" (current Rella site building), knocked down old McGlin’s Bar with bulldozer and buried it in the parking lot.
1981 Charlie's son, Eddie Maloney built the Cinderella SuperBar on 2121 S Oneida St. in 1981and ran it to 1991.

1991 Joe McGlin sold the bar to Eddie Maloney, Charlie's son and he moved the bar to 1151 Valley Road and named it “Cinderella.” His heirs operated it till 2014.
February 2015 - Kimberly Halbach purchased "Cinderella" and after a remodeling project in 2016 rebranded it "Rella."

Rella Bar is open at 6am/365 days a year!